How Does Your Hair Length Correlate to Your Life?


I came across the above fascinating article on Facebook just a few days ago.  Article was published in 2011.  I passed it on to friends and family, and generated some interesting comments.  My husband helped me to do a timeline of my hair length (one picture per year), and the results were astoundingly revealing!

The circle I am in – mainly consisting of people interested in spirituality – along with myself, immediately jumped to thoughts of hair length correlation with intuitive abilities.  But my sense (no pun intended) is that hair length is not a direct factor in internal divine communication, but rather a direct factor in external sensing, which then indirectly influences inner guidance.

In my 52 years on Earth, I basically had two periods with long hair.  The first period started when I felt my environment became safe and peaceful.  That was when I moved over from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong to the quiescence of Edmonton, Canada.  The second period (which I am still in) started 18 years ago, when I desired more connection to the world outside of my own ego self.  Three years later, I was fully on the spiritual path with conscious divine communication.  The decades in between with shorter hair, was when I lived and worked in the conventional mindset, and when I felt uncomfortable without knowing why at the time.

Curiously, in the last 18 years of long hair, the shortest I had was last year, when the hair stylist on board a cruise ship decided I needed something lighter, and in a mere minute of skilled blade work, carved my hair before I could say anything.  I loved the cut.  I took pictures of myself immediately, and those pictures have been my image all over the internet since.  Now that I look back, I can see why I needed that shorter hair.  Two months after the cut, I started really stepping out into the public for the first time in my life, with my own radio show talking off my channeled messages.  I needed to withdraw my feelers somewhat, in order to avoid getting caught up in other people’s approval!  How clever!

Cutting your hair short is like trimming your antennae.  Akin to a turtle hiding under a soft shell.  It is a very easy way to modulate your degree of interaction with your environment.  Another miracle tool of nature!  By the way, the permanent is equivalent to cutting hair really short, as chemicals fry the hair cells.

If you were like me, oblivious to the real implication of hair length until today, you would’ve worn your hair as you felt like at the time, as your mother allowed you, or as your hair stylists dictated.  Regardless of why your hair length ended up there, there is divine guidance behind the scenes.  It was part of the package that created who you are today.

There is no judgment as to your hair length, it is entirely individual for your circumstances at the time.  If you are a highly sensitive person, wearing your hair shorter will help you to keep centered easier.  If you need more connections to your environment, to other people, whether for personal reasons or career reasons, then longer hair will help.  For example, musicians within a small band that improvises a lot, would need to stay in a high state of connection at all times, therefore long hair would benefit the group.

Like a friend pointed out, dogs, cats and other animals use their hair to feel their environment. We get goosebumps and “hair standing on end” feelings too.  Hair is a perfect way to sense the subtle waves of energy coming toward us.  So in that context, hair is a physical sensor for ‘feel’, one of the 5 senses.  However, it is also part of the 6th sense, just because our definition of the 6th sense seems to include everything science (human ego) has not been able to quantify.  If there are meters everywhere for energy waves around us, I bet the needles would move every time our hair tells us something is lurking.

Mankind is slowly heading back toward more connection and mutual understanding.  Which means that with time we will see people with longer hair.  However, our current society is so bombarded with stimulation, that wearing long hair will over-stimulate most people, causing irritation, frustration, lack of control, anxiety, feeling of helplessness. The rampant amount of electromagnetic radiation in our environment today doesn’t help our cause either.  Until the energy fields around us calm down, our personal sense of security will not return without conscious effort.  Meaning we will not likely see a successful return of long hair as a popular fashion for quite a while.  But of course, for the first time in history, they say people are setting aside a budget for self-help!  I myself was gifted with a spiritual tool to help people overcome anxiety and fear easily.  Which means there is help from the universe to move mankind toward security, so there is hope for longer hair!

It would be interesting to track hair length over history in different parts of our world, wouldn’t it?  Let me know what you find out, as you correlate your own hair length to your life.  I am very curious!


What Will You Do For THE END?

P1070464blogI am headed down for a haircut in a few hours, I want to be presentable at the party inside the pearly gates of heaven.  Tomorrow is the big day.  The weather forecast here in Park City, Utah is for clear blue skies, warming up, hopefully to something decent like 20°F at the summit.  So I plan on donning my new ski boots and re-sharpened skis, enjoy myself with a few final runs down the old hill.  If the local weatherman was mistaken, and fireballs do hurl at us at 1160°F, well then, at least I go out in style.

One day from December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle, I love the feeling of peace, gratitude and sense of purpose inside of me.  It is unfortunate that some people truly believed in the end of the world story, and since an apocalypse didn’t come, they had to create one for themselves, taking down others with them so they wouldn’t feel like the lone loser.  I hope they get straightened out with the truth on the other side.

Tomorrow, the end of the big era, happens to coincide with the end of our two week vacation here in this corner of paradise.  This trip to Park City holds a bit of significance for me personally.  Seven years ago in the fall, we came down here for the very first time.  Stayed on Main Street in Old Town, learned about silver mining, took in a few rounds of golf in the spectacularly colorful hills.  Generally enjoyed ourselves so much that we vowed to return in the winter for skiing, which is what this place is now famous for, with the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Couple years later, five years ago, we booked a week into a 3-bedroom condo spread for the two of us, at the bottom of the Canyons ski resort.   Three months before the trip, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and ended up cancelling the reservation.  Without any of this in mind, we came across the opportunity to come down here again this year.  Exactly the same week before Christmas, also a 3-bedroom unit, only this time at the bottom of the Park City ski resort – five minutes from the Canyons.

So much has changed in the last five years for me.  That was as close to “the end” as I have ever come in this lifetime, and it was followed by a rebirth so beautiful I would not swap out for a million dollars.  I feel like a rocket blasting off, quickly reaching new heights physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I am on a new career path with a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose, and service.  I am as busy as I had been before in the craziest stretch of my life, except that this time I am not pushed by the outside, but rather from my inside.  I am not on an earthly schedule, but rather on a divine schedule.  I am inundated with new ideas, and I am carrying them out as fast as humanly possible.  My laptop is my office, the scenery behind my laptop seems to matter not; whether I am at home or on vacation, my heavenly boss doesn’t care.  I seem to be working 24/7/365, but I enjoy the work so much that I can also say I am playing 24/7/365.

If this is what follows “the end”, I can tell you that humanity on Earth is in for a gorgeous rebirth.  Everything happens so quickly nowadays there is simply no time for remorse, guilt, or dwelling in the past.  Let the curtains fall on the ugliness of the bygone era.  Let us hail in the exciting upswing of mankind as a constructive species!

I plan to celebrate the end of time with a deep tissue rolfing session tomorrow evening, get my body tuned up, my hips realigned and limber.  I plan on living many more decades, come back to Park City to verify the stories about gorgeous blossoms in the spring, and hike the flower meadows among the hills in the summer… that is, assuming fireballs don’t hurl at us tomorrow night.  If they do, and all the free public buses here are cinched, I will still need my tuned up hips to trek to the party on the other side of the pearly gates.  Come hell or high water, I’m ready!!

Meet you on the other side,


Long Live Mr. Bean!

I love sports.  I am not built to excel in it, but I learn and do the best I can, and thoroughly enjoy it.  I admire people who are born with the gift to excel in sports, and I enjoy watching them.  But this Olympics has me disinterested even before it started.  Not sure if it is my boredom or my wisdom.

The spectacle of opening and closing ceremonies is always entertaining.  I enjoy performance and creativity, and I always enjoy Mr. Bean.  The aspect which really warmed my heart though, was the athletes’ march, of all things.  Usually boring and routine, I was fascinated this time by how many countries entered, which I did not even know existed in the world!  I consider myself rather knowledgeable where it comes to geography, but I was stumped… and delighted.  Although these countries have zero chance at a medal, they were invited, and they participated.

Unfortunately that represented a rare remnant of the original Olympic spirit.  The spirit of amateurs getting together for a good time, to challenge each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, to move to a natural higher, faster, stronger state in life.  The original spirit was about friendship, cooperation, lifting of spirits, and integrity.  Today, it is all about medals, about winning versus losing.  Pitting professional athletes against amateurs.  Showing off government-bred human beings specially trained as machines.  Beating out fellow competitors by imperceptable margins and claiming clear victories.  Pushing bodies beyond natural breakpoints in the name of glory.  And of course the game of beating officials to the discovery of performance-enhancing substances.

It is a complete enigma what the games are even for, in this modern world.  What exactly is the application of the world’s fastest man nowadays, when we no longer need him to deliver messages over mountains?  What use is a weightlifter, when we have forklifts and carjacks?  Why swim so fast, when you know you cannot possibly outdo a V8 on a stick at the back of a sampan?  And that was exactly what the Mr. Bean jogging sketch was about.  Also the old Indiana Jones move in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where he non-chalantly shot down the village’s martial arts hero with the quickest swords, and instantly became the villagers’ new hero, which always has me rolling on the floor with laughter.

The modern context of the games must evolve with the times.  There is no modern physical application to the original Olympic Games, but the original spirit of the Games still applies and needs to thrive.  Sports nowadays, like any other work, ought to contribute to the advancement of humanity.  In this world of chaos and fear, we can really use models of inspiration, acceptance and cooperation.

A person who loves her sport so much that she works a job to pay the rent, then focuses her physical and mental energies to train beyond the norm, and at the same time, uses all her social and public relations abilities to acquire sponsorship, is a picture of dedication.  Athletes from tiny countries in the ceremonial march is a nice picture of acceptance.  Please give the rest of us some inspiration, and hope about this world!  Perhaps we can toss out the medals, and instead hail any athlete with a good story to bring joy, peace and hope to mankind.

Cheers to Mr. Bean!

You may be interested in Lynn Serafinn’s article too, about other aspects of the Olympic Games that have gone sideways:–-an-olympic-paradox-of-values/

What to do, what to do…“Supposed To” vs “Want To”

Ever felt confused on the spiritual path?  One advice seemingly contradicting another, even though each one alone makes perfect sense?  This is not a product of your overactive imagination, nor spiritual teachers on strange substance.  You are experiencing the awakening process, which is the spiritual path.

At the beginning of this path is conventional logic, where the outside world feeds you what you are supposed to do, and your inner world feeds you what you want to do.  As you approach the other end of the spiritual path, you will find that what you are supposed to do is entirely fed through your heart – by your spirit and soul, while what you want to do is fed through your outer mind – by your ego and environment, pretty much the exact opposite of the beginning!  Part of the awakening process is about flipping our perceptions upside down.  How to decide what to do on a daily basis is one of these aspects that will be flipped.

As most of us are journeying somewhere along the middle of this spiritual path, encountering these flips in logic is commonplace.  Good advice carry universal truth, but each of us layer on our own unique context and understanding.  Confusion and contradiction are but illusions.  Open your mind to alternate perspectives and enjoy your amazing journey!

Would you join me on my radio show this Thursday, July 19, at 10:00am Pacific Time, for a more in depth discussion of this topic?

We Went to 7th Heaven!

Blackcomb glacier skiing

We chose the perfect day to go up to the top of Blackcomb Mountain.  My husband wanted to do the Peak 2 Peak Gondola tourist thing during our week in Whistler, BC, Canada.  Apparently this gondola boasts as the world’s longest continuous lift system, almost 9 kilometers (5 miles), going from Blackcomb across to Whistler Mountain, and runs only during summer.  Whistler was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Just an hour north of Vancouver, but a world apart.

Late June was obviously summer, so we brought our golf clubs along for the trip.  Yet we were mistaken.  The feature activity during our stay was summer glacier skiing!  We had no idea.  Wrong gear we brought.  We saw all these people with skis and snowboards heading up Blackcomb ski lift.  The attendant at the bottom told us we had “tourist” tickets, not allowed up to the very top.  Oh well, I tried.  Up we went, passing two black bears below, a group of all terrain vehicles, a training pool for serious aerial skiers, and flower meadows slowly giving way to snow fields.  Two lifts later and 4000 ft of elevation gain, we arrived at the tower for the Peak 2 Peak Gondola.  Fantastic views.  Whistler Village down below, lakes, rivers, golf courses were all in sight.  A Blackcomb guide standing at the side approached us, started to persuade us toward the waiting shuttle bus, to go up the 7th Heaven Express for even greater views.  Say no more, lady, you just granted me my wish!  As if we had won the lottery ticket, we dashed off to the bus full of skiers and snowboarders, along with a handful of tourists, and off the bus went.

The 7th Heaven Express was an awesome ride, steep and long, snow everywhere.   It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, and the peak was not in a cloud as it was usually.  A number of tourists had on t-shirts and shorts only, thankfully there was no wind, but I bet they were more than a little cool.  Up top, the glacier was buzzing with activities.  Different setups for the daredevil skiers and snowboarders.  A perfect lunch hut with picnic tables under the warm sun.

Visibility was almost infinite.  The Whistler ski runs across the way, the surrounding Girabaldi Mountains, the Black Tusk and other volcanic plugs in the distance, sticking out like thumbs toward heaven.  Spring snow melt leaves intricate patterns on mountain peaks, different from winter.  The artistry from every angle was overwhelming.   What a gift of beauty God has left for humanity.  My heart opened wide.  On this expansive scale, my life on Earth is unquestionably temporary, nothing but a joyous sightseeing journey.  I was on top of the world, literally and figuratively.  It was truly seventh heaven.

The ride back down was also an experience.  The 7th Heaven Express started off steeper than 45 degrees at the top.  And as skiers, we never ride the chair back down, facing outward.  For a few seconds it was reminiscent of a zipline takeoff.  But thankfully we were not accelerating with gravity, because the cable hung down almost half a mile, with no natural slow down points in sight.  I wanted badly to document the precarious situation with a picture, but dared not take out my camera, lest my trembling hands would drop something into oblivion.

After that thrilling experience, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola was merely a tame cab ride.  We found out the next day that glacier skiing is open only for a month.  Regular skiing ended late May, glacier skiing started June 23, day after we arrived at Whistler, and lasts only until the end of July.  With glaciers receding, this is predicted to exist for another year only.  Last summer was cool enough to prevent further recession, last winter added lots of new snow, and hopefully this summer will be cool as well to keep this special activity alive.

If it runs again next year, you bet we will be back, with our skis ready.  If you are looking to do something different, check it out.

Enjoy your seventh heaven,


Black Tusk in the background

Interesting melt patterns

I Love Nature

As the beautiful full moon rises over the tree tops tonight, now just four hours away from another lunar eclipse, I cannot help but fall in love with Mother Nature again.  Perhaps it is the sentimental energy of the full moon.  It happens every single month, and I am still a sucker for its wonderment.

Three and a half days from now, I will be chatting on my radio show with nature conservationist Catriona MacGregor.  Maybe she can explain why I am so drawn to the natural world.  Her Gold Medal award winning book Partnering with Nature would say that it should not be just “I” who is drawn to nature, it should be “we”, all of us.  There are some rather interesting scientific bases for this.  We human beings are truly intimate partners of nature.  Nature is not something that exists outside of our artificial cocoons, where we decide to set foot on only when we have time and when we feel like it.

Nautilus Award recognizes books that stimulate our imagination and inspires us to new possibilities for a better world.  Catriona is an authority on environmental programs and conservation initiatives all over the world.  I cannot wait to be inspired by her wisdom on how understanding nature will transform our understanding of ourselves, and how that will improve our global environment in return.

Join us live this Thursday, June 7 at 10am Pacific time, or on archive anytime afterward: