Relationship With Your Body – Part II

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How you treat your body is a direct reflection of how you treat your soul (your higher self, your inner self, your real self). The health of your body is an indirect reflection of how well you have listened to your soul, which is your inner guidance, and which defines your life purpose.

The biggest impact on your health is your emotions, what you put into your mouth is really secondary. However, what you put into your mouth is an indirect reflection of your emotions. Your thoughts control your attitudes and beliefs, which determine your emotions.

For example, if you have a health issue, and all evidence is there that a diet change may be beneficial, but you refuse to try. Your body then is likely suffering more from your negative emotions (fear, lack of self-esteem) than from your actual diet. So if you would like to improve your health, start by examining your attitudes and belief system. As Wayne Dyer says, “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

I had breast cancer three years ago. The moment I was diagnosed, I knew my body was under toxic stress. It didn’t take me long to learn about physical toxins, and a complete diet change which I am still adhering to today without looking back. Along with that physical journey was a subtle but far more important journey: eliminating emotional toxins.

One example was my attitude toward my body’s appearance, which in turn reflected my ingratitude toward my inner divine self. Mastectomy was a ‘God-sent’ process for this emotional awakening. I used to be very embarrassed by my small breasts …until I was about to lose one. Suddenly they didn’t seem so embarrassing anymore! But as ‘luck’ would have it, the plastic surgeons could not possibly reconstruct the one breast without doing an enhancement to the other, so I ended up with a pair of larger breasts, exactly what I had wished for decades!

There is no such thing as luck, good or bad. There is a saying that goes something like “God cannot put anything better into our full hands without taking something away first.” Abraham tells us, “Ask and it is given.” The timing of the answers to our requests is not up to us, and the form the answers take may surprise us, but trust that whatever you think of, you will get. So make sure you think only empowering thoughts! Be patient and have faith in the divine process.

I love how I look now. I used to cringe whenever someone else stood beside me in a public washroom, in front of fluorescent lighted mirrors. My complexion was dull and sickly. But now, I love everything I see! Almost every day, I say to myself in the mirror, “You are beautiful” or “I love you,” in gratitude to the divine source that gave me my remarkable life, full of pleasant surprises, synchronicities and miracles!

Wishing you miraculous transformation as well. Remember, think nurturing fruitful thoughts only!



Relationship with Your Body – Part I

What we experience in everyday life on Earth is very much reflected in what we see in the sky. This is the study of astrology. In the past few months, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Moon have taken their turns going through the constellations of Libra and Scorpio.

Libra is a sign about relating: striving for fairness, peace, harmony and beauty. Scorpio is a sign about transformation, passion for the truth: digging deep to bring judgement and resistance out into the open for release. When planets transit through these constellations, we all feel the instinctive need to deeply examine our relationships – to other people, places, things, jobs, money … and especially ourselves.

Anything not perfect in your life, this is the time to change. Whether it is improving an old relationship or starting anew, accept the past, forgive yourself, jump in to the change and move on, as difficult as it may seem. Guaranteed you will be happier on the other side!

There are many areas of our relationship to the self to look at, but basically they all point in the same direction. There is a saying, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” In this two-part blog, I will expand on one popular area: Your relationship with your body.

Do you like to hide your body, or are you proud of the gift that ‘God’ gave you? Do you consider your body merely as a vehicle for you to use and show off, or do you cherish it like your soul’s temple? Do you simply stuff “edibles” into your mouth, or do you only pick the most nutritious as an offering to the divine miracle that is your body?

Most people eat the way they learnt from their families. A person whose parents ate fast food on a regular basis would eat fast food and consider it normal. A person of Italian background would likely eat a lot of pasta and olives. A person of Chinese background would likely eat a lot of rice and soy. Etc, etc.

The question is: Are you consciously choosing this diet because it is the best for your body today? We must be very conscious that we are not living in the same world as three hundred years ago, not even thirty years ago.

People back then hardly lived past the age of fifty. Any potential long term negative effects from a particular set of foods, or way of eating, would not have been noticed. Back then, farmland supported a variety of rotating crops per year to feed just a few families. Today, the same farmland would produce the same type of crop year after year, in the name of specialization and industrialization. Such harvested foods have a depleted mineral and vitamin spectrum compared to those from years gone by. At the meantime, our lives have become far more demanding and stressful, leading to our necessity for way more nutrients than our ancestors.

Improvements in technology and transportation have brought about an abundance of food, processed to all degrees, and amazing varieties from around the world that boggle the mind. Almost all cultures have access to this new diversity, randomly adding these new foods to the traditional diet. How well does your body really like this new potpourri of foods? Do you eat from your brain or from your heart?

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