How Are You Revolutionizing Yourself?

Uranus entered the constellation of Aries two days ago, and will stay there for seven years. The planet of rebellion given The Ram’s warrior and pioneer power. How do you spell revolution?!

Wherever there were built up dissatisfaction, are now rising to the surface and bursting forth. Politically around the world, it is of no surprise what is happening in Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin, Yemen yesterday, Bahrain today, and many other little pockets of unrest barely newsworthy such as Rome and China. Even planet Earth is de-stressing big time: New Zealand, and Japan three days ago. What about each of us in our individual lives?

Two weeks ago I was peacefully reading a book and munching on corn chips and potato chips. Suddenly it dawned on me why I am unable to resist eating chips within view: It is a pent up rebellion against a facet of my childhood upbringing! Wow, we are talking almost half a century ago. I was always given the line that “snacks would ruin my appetite for main meals”. As a child, I never understood the value of ‘main meals’. And my first recollection of guilt was stealing a couple of cookies at two years old, so nervous I crapped my pants, the smell of course led adults to discover my act. I was not reprimanded, but inside of me I felt I had done something “wrong”.  And now this is seeping out like a gas leak!

Today, I am extremely conscientious of my diet, for obvious health reasons. So the chips I was happily munching were organic, free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, cane sugar, dairy, strange ingredients, and baked not fried…, you name it, the most expensive kinds. But still, my body does not really do well with them. I do not get from them the instantaneous lethargic reaction like regular chips, nor the blatant depressed appetite afterward, but I have a feeling that the energy my body has to expend to digest the chips outweigh the nutrients and energy gained from the chips in the long run.

Rebellious acts are never constructive. So what do we do when we get these urges? Awareness is the first step. Replacing a physical act with another physical act is not a solution, although a successful end result may look like that. The key is awareness of where the urge really comes from. In my example, the underlying origin is my childhood upbringing. Therefore to solve my chip craze successfully, I need to face my childhood issues. Shadows, heady stuff. And once I do, the urge will disappear naturally.

The process from gentle awareness to full blown resolution is a revolution, however small. Revolutionary acts are constructive. They will permanently impact our lives for the better. If we have unmet desires inside of us, and all we try to do is keep the lid on, they may burst out one day, like a volcano, like a tsunami. It is much better to listen to our inner voices, recognize our own little earthquakes along the way, and take action to release the pressures gently.

Now is the time. The Ram gives us courage to face our fears. Every invention begins with a thought. Every revolution begins with an awareness. Take the little steps from your heart, not your head. The Universe supports you. Your freedom awaits.

I am with you on your peaceful revolution,

KayOld Faithful releasing


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