Why So Many Things in this World to Avoid?!

(This is related to last month’s blog on Obsession)

“I am allergic to cane sugar.  Every prepared food seems to contain it.  Restaurants love to add it…”  “I cannot touch gluten.  Even in a health food grocery store, almost every item I pick up has it or may have been contaminated with it… ”

Sound familiar?  It may not be on food items you have similar thoughts, but it is all the same process.  The Law of Attraction.  Or simply the power of attention:  When someone talks of a pink elephant, suddenly you notice all the pink things around you.

One of the best truisms I learnt from the Law of Attraction is this:  Our Universe is inclusive, not exclusive.  So when you go around looking for “sugar-free” or “gluten-free” foods, chances are, you will find a lot more foods containing sugar and gluten than otherwise.  Suffixes, prefixes, and modifiers in our vocabulary such as “-free”, “non-”, “not”, “un-”, “in-“, “avoid” do NOT carry weight.

Picture a sugar-free or gluten-free food in your head right now.  I bet your mind is racing from bread or cake to… not sure what, and a few seconds have elapsed.  This is because your attention is caught on the higher energy words “sugar” and “gluten”.  Now try this:  Picture a Summer Berry Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing.  Mouth watering yet?  How about a Raw Chocolate Brownie, made entirely of ground pecans and hemp seeds, and sweetened with ground dates.  Getting hungry?

That was basically the process of self-empowerment.  Stop focusing on your limitations and start focusing on your possibilities!  There are dozens of simple healthy cookbooks out there.  If you are like me and cannot touch most recipes, even five colorful pictures of foods you can touch is five more positive images for your mind’s eye library.  Fill yourself with such imagery of safety and delicious possibilities, and you are well on your way to living in joyful expansion!

Obsession was the name of a popular classy perfume by Calvin Klein.  I am dating myself here, but the belief from 25 years ago is still alive and well today.  Being obsessed was/is not only acceptable behavior, it is actually desired!  Specialists command a premium in our society.  But specialization is really just a step away from the precipice of obsession.

Let me take you down two paths of possibilities here, continuing with my earlier example.

You can think like an “-ologist”, and tell youself that you must avoid sugar or gluten because it is now damaging your stomach lining or pancreas, which hampers your digestion, which creates havoc on your liver, and screws up your adrenal gland functions, which tips your hormonal balance, and can impact your reproduction potential, will also affect your brain, thyroid and other glands, and make you moody, irritated, tense, likely resulting in insomnia, and quickening your aging process…

Or you can think like an enlightened guru, and tell yourself that a diet change is healthy because it will help to eliminate the inflammation in your body, which will calm down your nerves, give you peace of mind, better sleep means greater cell rejuvenation, leading to more energy during the day, a happier outlook, better relationships, friends, colleagues, even your boss will love being around you, which means a greater chance of getting a raise, more money, more success, and in turn even more happiness, more service to the world, and be a bright star everywhere you go…

Ok.  Both paths started at exactly the same spot.  Both scenarios are truth-filled, realistic possibilities.  They are simply mental focus paths, not calls to physical action.  One zooms in, the other zooms out.  And because your life will follow exactly your thoughts – which is a version of the Law of Attraction, the mental path you choose will determine your future.  So where do you want to end up?  In the recesses of your body’s decline?  Or as a shining star out there lighting up the world?  These two paths go in opposite directions, and you must commit to one (sorry Libras!).

We are faced with similar dilemma every single day:  limitation and fear, or expansion and love.  This is for your free will to choose.

If you are not convinced about the latter path, and you are still reading this article (!), I suggest you give it a try for six months.  Humor me.  If you can’t do it after the six months, you are either not quite ready for the change yet, or you just need a Soul Coach like me as your guide!!  Along with all my fellow human beings, I would love to welcome you as another bright star lighting up our world!

With Lots of Love and Laughs,

KayFloating balls