Would You Rather Feel Important or Powerful?

This is a serious question to ask yourself.  There is a major distinction between the two states:  To feel important is simply a temporary need of the conscious mind; whereas to feel powerful is a permanent, natural state of being.

Every one of us was born with the power to affect changes in our lives, and also touch the lives of others.  This is the omnipotent (all-powerful) property of our own Spirit.   In fact, you are SO powerful that a simple thought such as “Boy, was I dumb” will lead you away from intelligence, while “Man, am I brilliant” will bring you back up the scale.

It is sad but true that most people would much rather play small than own their real level of power.  Because along with power comes responsibility!  People seem to be afraid of holding responsibility.  They would rather take the easy way and blame someone else if anything goes wrong, or just complain to get more credit when things go right.  Our society loves the underdog, who is not expected to be successful.  The odd time an underdog comes out on top is like a bonus, a Cinderella story.  This kind of societal belief has a long history, and has bred the powerlessness that is so prevalent in people today.  But this is simply a belief.  There is no truth to it, and can be changed with a flick of your free will!

Feeling important is an external illusion.  To begin with, there must be someone else around to set up the comparison of importance.  The only reason why anyone would want to exude importance over another is his own fear of inadequacy, which simply reflects a misguided belief of lack of power within.  We see people latch on to the successful, hoping to get a share of limelight and therefore can feel important.  But this powerless, pretending-to-be-important person simply ends up bringing both parties down:  -1+1=0.  A self-sufficient powerful person, on the other hand, will always benefit another, bringing even more to an already successful formula:  1+1=2, maybe 3!

A great illustration of the difference between power and importance can be seen in the late Princess Diana.  She was never important, but was she ever powerful!  She never effected changes in British policies.  She never set up new rules, nor insisted anyone follow new traditions.  She never wielded her royal power.   In other words, she never played important.  However, she insisted on being herself, which is standing in her own power within.  She tried her best to act herself, against the pressures of tradition.  And in so doing, the entire world felt the light of Spirit in her, and at the same time got in touch with the light within ourselves.  Without her using any force, tradition gave way and started to relax for the better.  Now THAT is powerful!

Adoring the power that is you,

KayPowerful Sun