I Reclaimed My Goddess

white bikiniFor half a century, I had felt very awkward strolling around in a bathing suit.  And here I am, posting my pictures proudly on the World Wide Web!!  My online order of bikinis just arrived, and I am over-the-moon thrilled with them.  This is one of these little surprises to remind me of the wonders of divine planning.  I have totally fallen in love with my body post-breast cancer.

One of my idols in the spiritual-intuitive field is Robert Ohotto (www.ohotto.com).  In his recent radio show titled How to Get in Your Body, he made a postulation that the recent dramatic increase in breast cancer incidents is a manifestation of the collective repression of the feminine on Earth, since the breast is the most prominent symbol of femininity.  With first hand experience in the matter, I would attest to the validity of his claim.  In fact, I would go even further to say that the increase in all diseases is a manifestation of the collective repression of the feminine on Earth, since the body is a feminine receptacle.

All of us, men and women, have both feminine and masculine qualities, or god and goddess qualities.  Feminine is balance, love, harmony, peace, just being.  Masculine is polarization, control, competition, aggression, taking action.  Soul is our feminine, mind is our masculine.  We all need both qualities together for a healthy life.

Historically, fertility of the Earth – mankind and nature – was of primary importance, and the most powerful deities were female.  Without food, water, air, reproduction, there was no life.  In the last couple thousand years or so, that perspective was switched over to the masculine.

Our society now believes that man can completely power over Mother Nature, that the mind has the capacity to control all life.  Along this line is the notion that our bodies exist for our exploitation, and there is no reverence to them as the temples for our souls.  We view the body solely as a vehicle for the mind.  We force it to carry us toward status, fame and power.  We use it as a red herring for shame, on others and on ourselves.  We disregard its needs for care and pleasure.  We eat to stave off the inconvenient feeling of hunger, otherwise for social acceptance.  We stuff chemicals and strangely concocted “foods” into our bodies.  We stress ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally…  And then wonder why our bodies suffer in dis-ease.  We then try to cover up the symptoms with more chemicals, just so we can continue to pretend we are in control of our destiny.

Fortunately, our world is now seeing a gentle movement back toward reclaiming the feminine.  Let us remember that no man is able to create life out of thin air as yet (I doubt ever), but we are able to destroy life in a split second.  Let us remember the miracle that is the human body.  No man had to teach our parents’ sperm and egg to create little hands versus feet, little stomach versus brain, and eventually a heart that beats perfectly, and lungs that breathe perfectly.  This is all the domain of the Divine Plan.  Our life comes from our Soul, our Spirit.

And so, let us remember to honor our Soul and Spirit.  Let us dedicate our lives to our own Soul missions, instead of the demands of other people – parents, family, society, culture.  When we are in sync with our own Soul desires, we feel joyful and in balance.  When we are in balance, our bodies stay healthy automatically.  These miraculous gifts from Spirit respond to harmony, to love.  Health is not a struggle (masculine concept), but rather an extension of internal peace (feminine concept).

Adore the beauty of your body.  Accept the state it is in, regardless of how it may compare to others.  Respect, love and care for your precious gift from the Divine.  Proudly wear your swimsuit.

Say CHEESE!garden bikini



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