It Wasn’t a Mistake After All

Halloween rocks

Halloween rocks

I finally understand why I chose the field that I did for university, some three decades later.

My first degree was in geophysics, which is a very mental discipline.  Astrology analysis actually shows that I have no Air, or mental inclination.  I have loads of Water, a good dose of Earth and some Fire, which translates to a very feely, touchy and excitable character, who does not think much.  I could not believe this when I first saw it, neither could my long time friends and family.  I was known to think about everything.  But on further thought(!), astrology was completely correct:  while I appeared to be thinking, I was in fact intuiting!

In second year university, my eyes glazed over when we had to name rocks by analyzing their mineral compositions.  I adored the whole, but could not care less about the separated components.  By third year, mathematical equations became way too complicated for me to intuit their meanings.  It felt like a struggle, a disconnection.  Once the last final exam was over, I jetted home immediately to start my new job for the income.  I never felt the urge for a big celebration.  To my amazement, I found my name among the top eight in my graduating class, which had about a hundred students.  I graduated with the title of “Honors with High Distinction”.  While my intuition did not tell me the facts, it told me the truth:  geophysics was not meant for me, despite the pleasant surprise.  I was not at one with my work.  Eight years after graduation, I quit the petroleum industry and moved in a completely different direction.

Until three weeks ago, I held the theory that the only reason I went into geophysics was to meet my husband.  As opposed to me, he is an extremely mental person, and geophysics suits him to a “T”.  Through him I was afforded all my future opportunities to step toward my real passion.  I started my own company in real estate development and construction.  Within it I moved into design and decoration for my clients, as I increasingly embraced creativity and beauty.  Now I am still further along, standing at the door to serving my life mission.  Intuitive coaching is a far cry from geophysics.  As I meet people in my third career, a part of me wished that I have a degree in psychology instead, and that I started training in metaphysics forty years ago.  My 12 years in geophysics merely felt like training in discipline and tenacity.  The theory about my husband still holds true, but I am beginning to gain a new perspective…

witch's brooms

witch's brooms

We have driven along highway I-15 many times before, as it is the most direct route out of Calgary, Alberta, south to Las Vegas and beyond.  But during this trip last month, we took our time, played tourists and stopped at every spot we felt drawn to.  Boy, did we discover gems!  The cowboy movie-like setting of Lewis and Clark Country along the Missouri River sparked our inner child imagination.  The six building mining ‘town’ of Spencer, Idaho, home to some of the world’s most brilliant and unique opals, not only appealed to my inner geologist, but also to my glamorous woman.  The extensive lava flow along southern Idaho, reminiscent of the Big Island of Hawaii, gave me alternating visions of dinosaurs and Polynesian dancers.  Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, transported us to a surreal planet of stark beauty.  Scattered outcrops of intense red, orange and pink sandstone, from St George, Utah down through Lake Mead, Nevada, made us take more pictures than a photographer would of a supermodel.

It has been a while since I experienced this sense of enthusiasm oozing out of my pores.  Mother Nature’s aesthetics resonated deep inside of me.  My heart palpitated with gratitude to be alive at this time, to be so rich that such incredible variation of natural wonders are casually within our reach… and that I have enough intricate knowledge to understand and enjoy them.  It was my strong connection to Mother Nature that prompted me to go hiking in the mountains as a teenager, despite my family’s and culture’s inclination otherwise.  I chose geophysics to explore and learn more about the mystery of nature, for the love of Mother Earth, rather than for the exploitation of her.

I walked through the various visitor centers and opal shop glad to have been an Earth Scientist.  If I had a psychology degree instead, I would be wishing to study geology today.  If I have ten chances to live my life over, I would choose ten different life paths – and perhaps my Soul does have copies of me out there somewhere, living exactly these alternate experiences right now!  My little brain will never fully see the big picture.  There is no mistake.  Everything happens for the “right” reason, according to my greater being.  All is in order.  It was what it was, it is what it is.  And so it is, and so be it.  Thank you Life, I love you!

Where Am I?

blast from the past

Contentedly yours,



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