2012 – A Year for Illumination

Water light pattern

It has been two months since I last posted here.  There was the holiday season in between, but the gap was mostly because I spent all my writing time on pages and codes for my new website instead. 

Superintelligence Wellness is a new dedication for me.  I have finally arrived at the door of my life mission.   It is like I have finally graduated from the school of life training, and ready to fill a job position with the Universe, to serve The World.  It has taken me over fifty years.  Astrologers say Capricorns (Sun, Moon or Rising signs) are late bloomers.  That would be me!  I am not complaining though.  I am totally enjoying the adventurous ride right now.  Every week is a new thrill.  And I have fifty years of experience to know to cherish every moment of these thrills, for the joyride does not last forever.   There are cycles to everything in nature.

CA Brooks had a radio show about 2012 on 12Radio last week.  The numerology of 2012 is 5, which in tarot refers to the year of the Hierophant.  Hierophant represents illumination, wisdom and knowledge.  So this is the year to illuminate ourselves:  dig inside to find the sage within, gain insights from empowering sources without. 

Very interesting.  Superintelligence Wellness is exactly about that.  Raising vibrations is increasing in frequencies, which is moving toward white light.  Adding light to oneself is illumination, enlightenment.  And then one gains further illumination through advice from coaches, advisors, courses, shows and books.  The result is stepping out of outdated moulds, and moving toward a more peaceful and joyous life, in harmony with the divine plan. 

I like that.  I have plans for many new adventures this year.  With every adventure comes potential challenges, which are opportunities to illuminate myself further.  I hope they are easy challenges though.  I want to ease into my new position in the Universe gently.  I want to get the hang of the coffee break routine first.

Wishing you illumination in this last year on the Mayan calendar,



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