5 Days To Go

Only 5 days until the debut of my first radio show!  I was reminded by the prominent milestone countdown widget on my Blog/News site.

Right now, I am going through feelings reminiscent of childhood.  Like counting down to the first day of school after a long summer off.  This is a new commitment to a regular routine, which I have not experienced for decades.  No more taking off whenever I wish, or doing things only when I feel I am inspired.  The clock ticks, I must come up with weekly topics, and enough material to interest and inspire my wonderful audience.  It’s like homework.  Am I up for it?  The anxiety of entering a higher grade level.  What challenges will I encounter this year?  Will I be good enough?  But then, the excitement of meeting new friends, like-minded souls make me smile.  Immerse in meaningful conversations, new inspiration, new possibilities!  Together we will grow.  Together we will seek out the unknown.  That is the reason why I am doing this radio show!

At the meantime, back to the preparations.  Are my school supplies all set to go?  Have I figured out the settings for my microphone?   Is there more I need to know about the internet studio?   Is my room sound-deadening enough?  Will the furniture be comfortable?  Are my audio files ready?  Is my script meaningful?

When the moment arrives, I will bank on divine guidance – just hope I will be relaxed enough to let it through!  Qué sera sera, whatever will be will be… Who I am is enough.

Please come join me for my first episode “Expect A Miracle”!  This Thursday, April 19 at 10:00am PST:  www.blogtalkradio.com/superintelligencewellness

Call in!  Let us discover together!



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