Solar Eclipse – The Perfect Analogy

Credit: Khin Maung Win, AP, Myanmar Jan 15, 2010

The light of the Sun momentarily dimmed by the presence of the Moon.  In tarot, the Sun represents light, glory, success.  The Moon represents shadows, secrets, fears.

Regardless of our belief systems, we acknowledge a solar eclipse as a rare phenomenon, worthy of awe, worthy of watching, worthy of understanding.  The Moon may dim our light in mid-afternoon, but we accept it as “just the way it goes”.  It is natural, a part of the Universe, a part of us.

And so it is with our own shadows.  They are natural, a part of God, a part of Source, a part of the perfect us!  The key is not to let them eclipse our lives continuously.

Accept, understand, release, marvel.  Let go of your desire to seek and destroy.  Release not your shadow as much as your perception that the shadow is pure evil.  Accept it as part of your perfection spectrum, that keeps the balance within you.  Understand that it was divinely designed to propel you to a higher level.  Then choose to learn about the higher level, and be the higher level.  And when the shadow re-emerges, watch with detachment.  Think of one thing you have learned from this shadow.  Know that this is only a temporary eclipse.  Notice how these eclipses are becoming rarer in your life.  Admire how far you have come.  Smile.

You too are a phenomenon, worthy of awe.  Watch your own life cycles in fascination.  Marvel at the miracle that is you.

Enjoy your solar eclipses,



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