I Love Nature

As the beautiful full moon rises over the tree tops tonight, now just four hours away from another lunar eclipse, I cannot help but fall in love with Mother Nature again.  Perhaps it is the sentimental energy of the full moon.  It happens every single month, and I am still a sucker for its wonderment.

Three and a half days from now, I will be chatting on my radio show with nature conservationist Catriona MacGregor.  Maybe she can explain why I am so drawn to the natural world.  Her Gold Medal award winning book Partnering with Nature would say that it should not be just “I” who is drawn to nature, it should be “we”, all of us.  There are some rather interesting scientific bases for this.  We human beings are truly intimate partners of nature.  Nature is not something that exists outside of our artificial cocoons, where we decide to set foot on only when we have time and when we feel like it.

Nautilus Award recognizes books that stimulate our imagination and inspires us to new possibilities for a better world.  Catriona is an authority on environmental programs and conservation initiatives all over the world.  I cannot wait to be inspired by her wisdom on how understanding nature will transform our understanding of ourselves, and how that will improve our global environment in return.

Join us live this Thursday, June 7 at 10am Pacific time, or on archive anytime afterward: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/superintelligencewellness/2012/06/07/catriona-macgregor-on-partnering-with-nature