What to do, what to do…“Supposed To” vs “Want To”

Ever felt confused on the spiritual path?  One advice seemingly contradicting another, even though each one alone makes perfect sense?  This is not a product of your overactive imagination, nor spiritual teachers on strange substance.  You are experiencing the awakening process, which is the spiritual path.

At the beginning of this path is conventional logic, where the outside world feeds you what you are supposed to do, and your inner world feeds you what you want to do.  As you approach the other end of the spiritual path, you will find that what you are supposed to do is entirely fed through your heart – by your spirit and soul, while what you want to do is fed through your outer mind – by your ego and environment, pretty much the exact opposite of the beginning!  Part of the awakening process is about flipping our perceptions upside down.  How to decide what to do on a daily basis is one of these aspects that will be flipped.

As most of us are journeying somewhere along the middle of this spiritual path, encountering these flips in logic is commonplace.  Good advice carry universal truth, but each of us layer on our own unique context and understanding.  Confusion and contradiction are but illusions.  Open your mind to alternate perspectives and enjoy your amazing journey!

Would you join me on my radio show this Thursday, July 19, at 10:00am Pacific Time, for a more in depth discussion of this topic?



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