What Will You Do For THE END?

P1070464blogI am headed down for a haircut in a few hours, I want to be presentable at the party inside the pearly gates of heaven.  Tomorrow is the big day.  The weather forecast here in Park City, Utah is for clear blue skies, warming up, hopefully to something decent like 20°F at the summit.  So I plan on donning my new ski boots and re-sharpened skis, enjoy myself with a few final runs down the old hill.  If the local weatherman was mistaken, and fireballs do hurl at us at 1160°F, well then, at least I go out in style.

One day from December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle, I love the feeling of peace, gratitude and sense of purpose inside of me.  It is unfortunate that some people truly believed in the end of the world story, and since an apocalypse didn’t come, they had to create one for themselves, taking down others with them so they wouldn’t feel like the lone loser.  I hope they get straightened out with the truth on the other side.

Tomorrow, the end of the big era, happens to coincide with the end of our two week vacation here in this corner of paradise.  This trip to Park City holds a bit of significance for me personally.  Seven years ago in the fall, we came down here for the very first time.  Stayed on Main Street in Old Town, learned about silver mining, took in a few rounds of golf in the spectacularly colorful hills.  Generally enjoyed ourselves so much that we vowed to return in the winter for skiing, which is what this place is now famous for, with the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Couple years later, five years ago, we booked a week into a 3-bedroom condo spread for the two of us, at the bottom of the Canyons ski resort.   Three months before the trip, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and ended up cancelling the reservation.  Without any of this in mind, we came across the opportunity to come down here again this year.  Exactly the same week before Christmas, also a 3-bedroom unit, only this time at the bottom of the Park City ski resort – five minutes from the Canyons.

So much has changed in the last five years for me.  That was as close to “the end” as I have ever come in this lifetime, and it was followed by a rebirth so beautiful I would not swap out for a million dollars.  I feel like a rocket blasting off, quickly reaching new heights physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I am on a new career path with a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose, and service.  I am as busy as I had been before in the craziest stretch of my life, except that this time I am not pushed by the outside, but rather from my inside.  I am not on an earthly schedule, but rather on a divine schedule.  I am inundated with new ideas, and I am carrying them out as fast as humanly possible.  My laptop is my office, the scenery behind my laptop seems to matter not; whether I am at home or on vacation, my heavenly boss doesn’t care.  I seem to be working 24/7/365, but I enjoy the work so much that I can also say I am playing 24/7/365.

If this is what follows “the end”, I can tell you that humanity on Earth is in for a gorgeous rebirth.  Everything happens so quickly nowadays there is simply no time for remorse, guilt, or dwelling in the past.  Let the curtains fall on the ugliness of the bygone era.  Let us hail in the exciting upswing of mankind as a constructive species!

I plan to celebrate the end of time with a deep tissue rolfing session tomorrow evening, get my body tuned up, my hips realigned and limber.  I plan on living many more decades, come back to Park City to verify the stories about gorgeous blossoms in the spring, and hike the flower meadows among the hills in the summer… that is, assuming fireballs don’t hurl at us tomorrow night.  If they do, and all the free public buses here are cinched, I will still need my tuned up hips to trek to the party on the other side of the pearly gates.  Come hell or high water, I’m ready!!

Meet you on the other side,



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