How Does Your Hair Length Correlate to Your Life?


I came across the above fascinating article on Facebook just a few days ago.  Article was published in 2011.  I passed it on to friends and family, and generated some interesting comments.  My husband helped me to do a timeline of my hair length (one picture per year), and the results were astoundingly revealing!

The circle I am in – mainly consisting of people interested in spirituality – along with myself, immediately jumped to thoughts of hair length correlation with intuitive abilities.  But my sense (no pun intended) is that hair length is not a direct factor in internal divine communication, but rather a direct factor in external sensing, which then indirectly influences inner guidance.

In my 52 years on Earth, I basically had two periods with long hair.  The first period started when I felt my environment became safe and peaceful.  That was when I moved over from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong to the quiescence of Edmonton, Canada.  The second period (which I am still in) started 18 years ago, when I desired more connection to the world outside of my own ego self.  Three years later, I was fully on the spiritual path with conscious divine communication.  The decades in between with shorter hair, was when I lived and worked in the conventional mindset, and when I felt uncomfortable without knowing why at the time.

Curiously, in the last 18 years of long hair, the shortest I had was last year, when the hair stylist on board a cruise ship decided I needed something lighter, and in a mere minute of skilled blade work, carved my hair before I could say anything.  I loved the cut.  I took pictures of myself immediately, and those pictures have been my image all over the internet since.  Now that I look back, I can see why I needed that shorter hair.  Two months after the cut, I started really stepping out into the public for the first time in my life, with my own radio show talking off my channeled messages.  I needed to withdraw my feelers somewhat, in order to avoid getting caught up in other people’s approval!  How clever!

Cutting your hair short is like trimming your antennae.  Akin to a turtle hiding under a soft shell.  It is a very easy way to modulate your degree of interaction with your environment.  Another miracle tool of nature!  By the way, the permanent is equivalent to cutting hair really short, as chemicals fry the hair cells.

If you were like me, oblivious to the real implication of hair length until today, you would’ve worn your hair as you felt like at the time, as your mother allowed you, or as your hair stylists dictated.  Regardless of why your hair length ended up there, there is divine guidance behind the scenes.  It was part of the package that created who you are today.

There is no judgment as to your hair length, it is entirely individual for your circumstances at the time.  If you are a highly sensitive person, wearing your hair shorter will help you to keep centered easier.  If you need more connections to your environment, to other people, whether for personal reasons or career reasons, then longer hair will help.  For example, musicians within a small band that improvises a lot, would need to stay in a high state of connection at all times, therefore long hair would benefit the group.

Like a friend pointed out, dogs, cats and other animals use their hair to feel their environment. We get goosebumps and “hair standing on end” feelings too.  Hair is a perfect way to sense the subtle waves of energy coming toward us.  So in that context, hair is a physical sensor for ‘feel’, one of the 5 senses.  However, it is also part of the 6th sense, just because our definition of the 6th sense seems to include everything science (human ego) has not been able to quantify.  If there are meters everywhere for energy waves around us, I bet the needles would move every time our hair tells us something is lurking.

Mankind is slowly heading back toward more connection and mutual understanding.  Which means that with time we will see people with longer hair.  However, our current society is so bombarded with stimulation, that wearing long hair will over-stimulate most people, causing irritation, frustration, lack of control, anxiety, feeling of helplessness. The rampant amount of electromagnetic radiation in our environment today doesn’t help our cause either.  Until the energy fields around us calm down, our personal sense of security will not return without conscious effort.  Meaning we will not likely see a successful return of long hair as a popular fashion for quite a while.  But of course, for the first time in history, they say people are setting aside a budget for self-help!  I myself was gifted with a spiritual tool to help people overcome anxiety and fear easily.  Which means there is help from the universe to move mankind toward security, so there is hope for longer hair!

It would be interesting to track hair length over history in different parts of our world, wouldn’t it?  Let me know what you find out, as you correlate your own hair length to your life.  I am very curious!


What do you think?

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