Anyone Else Feeling the Mars Retrograde?

Pushing through molasses looking for a dropped chocolate chip, while the rest of tonight’s party foods wait to be prepared.  That’s the energy I feel drowned in right now.  It’s called Mars Retrograde!

I worked extremely hard for two months over Christmas, then went away for more than two weeks, deliberately out of wi-fi range.   The innocent me thought I could come home, jump right back in to my ambitious work plan and continue on.  Well, the Universe had other ideas.

I have been home for three weeks now.  No desire to even touch the original work plan.  A little side job for my mother ended up being done three times over.  The finish line just in sight and I came down with a stomach flu.  I have not gotten real sick like this for 4 ½ years now, since I had breast cancer.  I had totally forgotten what a drag it feels to be sick!   Four days later, still feeling very low energy and no appetite this morning, I decided to pull some oracle cards about the condition.

I chose Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom healing card deck.  Lo and behold, it told me that after a period of exhaustive mental work, a period of passive reflection is in order, let the information I had gathered to gestate; breakthrough ideas come during times of mental relaxation or even despair…  Wow!  This is not my interpretation of the card, this is the actual printed explanation!  Did someone tell the deck what I had been doing?  I actually pulled a configuration of four cards.  I am not going to bore you with the other three, but they were exactly accurate to the word as well.  Psychic interpretation not needed here.

The accuracy of the card reading was eerie.  How can anyone not believe that everything is one in this Universe?  That answers to our problems are always out there ready for us?  That our lives are divinely planned?

Card readings are not new to me.  But is it because Neptune went into Pisces for fourteen years as of Feb 3, that suddenly I feel more at one with this mystic art?  Everyone on planet Earth is becoming more psychic now than ever (Neptune was last in Pisces 160 years ago), which I believe will move the world to a kinder, gentler place.

And back to the Mars retrograde.  It happens about every two years.  It affects everyone, but especially stronger Mars persons (e.g. your Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Aries or Scorpio).  Mars is aggressive life force, when it goes backward the energy makes us look inward for reassessment.  Like what my oracle card advised of me.  If you follow your internal calling and make adjustments, at the end of the retrograde your life improves inevitably.  The area of your life this current retrograde affects depends on your own astrological house placements.  Through the years, each retrograde moves around your chart (your life) systematically.  If this retrograde also happens over your own natal Mars position, your life is sure to take on a whole new, better direction when Mars moves forward again.

So forget those ambitious plans for now, you will only run into challenges.  Everyone on the entire planet is pushing through molasses, it’s not just me, nor you.  There is nothing that cannot wait.  Relax.  Take a few bubble baths and let the insights flow.  Then analyze, strategize, clean house.  Wait till mid April before considering new leaps.  It will be June before the energies totally return to normal.

And because of this, I am postponing my new radio show “Superintelligence Wellness” till at least the end of April.  I knew about the Mars retrograde when I called it in December, but it wasn’t retrograding yet back then, I thought I would be invincible.  Talk about ego!  I am humbled.  My stomach reminds me.

Well, judging by what good came out of Mars retrogrades in the past for myself, I am looking forward to the new me in a couple months.  Hope you have a great new you to look forward to too!



Can Stress Be Healthy?

Surviving a tiger chase.  Living through the death of a family member.  Encountering a stock market crash.  These events are simply part of human life.  The question is not how to prevent them from happening again.  The questions should be what did we learn from the experience, how do we use the new knowledge to make ourselves stronger, and life more meaningful from now on.

In other words, the occasional acute stress is actually healthy for us, in my opinion.  It stimulates us to a new level of awareness, and teases us toward transcendence up to a new level of consciousness.  It exposes our weaknesses, and urges us to transform them into strengths.  It is the reason we came down to Earth School.  It is what makes life interesting as a human being.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, is a completely different story.  A chronic stress is any stress that has been allowed to persist, such that another area of life is secondarily affected.  It is a sign of having fallen into the spell of powerlessness.

Being diagnosed with a major illness is acute stress, but living as if it is now your permanent commander-in-chief is chronic stress.  Finding out you have been betrayed is acute stress, but feeling like you can never trust anyone again is chronic stress.

Physical duress does not need to equate to chronic stress.  If you cannot remove yourself physically from the trying situation, you can still change your perspective.  Ask yourself what you are learning from the circumstances.  Try to see the humor in it, if at all possible.  Look at the universality of the event:  you are never the only person to experience such situations, the Universe is not out to get you personally.  Emotional duress is chronic stress, and fortunately, you can choose to not go there.

They say ignorance is bliss.  I say bliss is being able to smile through ignorant blunders, and come out maintaining innocence unjaded.

Life is only an adventure.  Remember to give gratitude during the uneventful stretches of your life, because those are your vacations!

KayVacation with Wind

I Reclaimed My Goddess

white bikiniFor half a century, I had felt very awkward strolling around in a bathing suit.  And here I am, posting my pictures proudly on the World Wide Web!!  My online order of bikinis just arrived, and I am over-the-moon thrilled with them.  This is one of these little surprises to remind me of the wonders of divine planning.  I have totally fallen in love with my body post-breast cancer.

One of my idols in the spiritual-intuitive field is Robert Ohotto (  In his recent radio show titled How to Get in Your Body, he made a postulation that the recent dramatic increase in breast cancer incidents is a manifestation of the collective repression of the feminine on Earth, since the breast is the most prominent symbol of femininity.  With first hand experience in the matter, I would attest to the validity of his claim.  In fact, I would go even further to say that the increase in all diseases is a manifestation of the collective repression of the feminine on Earth, since the body is a feminine receptacle.

All of us, men and women, have both feminine and masculine qualities, or god and goddess qualities.  Feminine is balance, love, harmony, peace, just being.  Masculine is polarization, control, competition, aggression, taking action.  Soul is our feminine, mind is our masculine.  We all need both qualities together for a healthy life.

Historically, fertility of the Earth – mankind and nature – was of primary importance, and the most powerful deities were female.  Without food, water, air, reproduction, there was no life.  In the last couple thousand years or so, that perspective was switched over to the masculine.

Our society now believes that man can completely power over Mother Nature, that the mind has the capacity to control all life.  Along this line is the notion that our bodies exist for our exploitation, and there is no reverence to them as the temples for our souls.  We view the body solely as a vehicle for the mind.  We force it to carry us toward status, fame and power.  We use it as a red herring for shame, on others and on ourselves.  We disregard its needs for care and pleasure.  We eat to stave off the inconvenient feeling of hunger, otherwise for social acceptance.  We stuff chemicals and strangely concocted “foods” into our bodies.  We stress ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally…  And then wonder why our bodies suffer in dis-ease.  We then try to cover up the symptoms with more chemicals, just so we can continue to pretend we are in control of our destiny.

Fortunately, our world is now seeing a gentle movement back toward reclaiming the feminine.  Let us remember that no man is able to create life out of thin air as yet (I doubt ever), but we are able to destroy life in a split second.  Let us remember the miracle that is the human body.  No man had to teach our parents’ sperm and egg to create little hands versus feet, little stomach versus brain, and eventually a heart that beats perfectly, and lungs that breathe perfectly.  This is all the domain of the Divine Plan.  Our life comes from our Soul, our Spirit.

And so, let us remember to honor our Soul and Spirit.  Let us dedicate our lives to our own Soul missions, instead of the demands of other people – parents, family, society, culture.  When we are in sync with our own Soul desires, we feel joyful and in balance.  When we are in balance, our bodies stay healthy automatically.  These miraculous gifts from Spirit respond to harmony, to love.  Health is not a struggle (masculine concept), but rather an extension of internal peace (feminine concept).

Adore the beauty of your body.  Accept the state it is in, regardless of how it may compare to others.  Respect, love and care for your precious gift from the Divine.  Proudly wear your swimsuit.

Say CHEESE!garden bikini


Why So Many Things in this World to Avoid?!

(This is related to last month’s blog on Obsession)

“I am allergic to cane sugar.  Every prepared food seems to contain it.  Restaurants love to add it…”  “I cannot touch gluten.  Even in a health food grocery store, almost every item I pick up has it or may have been contaminated with it… ”

Sound familiar?  It may not be on food items you have similar thoughts, but it is all the same process.  The Law of Attraction.  Or simply the power of attention:  When someone talks of a pink elephant, suddenly you notice all the pink things around you.

One of the best truisms I learnt from the Law of Attraction is this:  Our Universe is inclusive, not exclusive.  So when you go around looking for “sugar-free” or “gluten-free” foods, chances are, you will find a lot more foods containing sugar and gluten than otherwise.  Suffixes, prefixes, and modifiers in our vocabulary such as “-free”, “non-”, “not”, “un-”, “in-“, “avoid” do NOT carry weight.

Picture a sugar-free or gluten-free food in your head right now.  I bet your mind is racing from bread or cake to… not sure what, and a few seconds have elapsed.  This is because your attention is caught on the higher energy words “sugar” and “gluten”.  Now try this:  Picture a Summer Berry Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing.  Mouth watering yet?  How about a Raw Chocolate Brownie, made entirely of ground pecans and hemp seeds, and sweetened with ground dates.  Getting hungry?

That was basically the process of self-empowerment.  Stop focusing on your limitations and start focusing on your possibilities!  There are dozens of simple healthy cookbooks out there.  If you are like me and cannot touch most recipes, even five colorful pictures of foods you can touch is five more positive images for your mind’s eye library.  Fill yourself with such imagery of safety and delicious possibilities, and you are well on your way to living in joyful expansion!

Obsession was the name of a popular classy perfume by Calvin Klein.  I am dating myself here, but the belief from 25 years ago is still alive and well today.  Being obsessed was/is not only acceptable behavior, it is actually desired!  Specialists command a premium in our society.  But specialization is really just a step away from the precipice of obsession.

Let me take you down two paths of possibilities here, continuing with my earlier example.

You can think like an “-ologist”, and tell youself that you must avoid sugar or gluten because it is now damaging your stomach lining or pancreas, which hampers your digestion, which creates havoc on your liver, and screws up your adrenal gland functions, which tips your hormonal balance, and can impact your reproduction potential, will also affect your brain, thyroid and other glands, and make you moody, irritated, tense, likely resulting in insomnia, and quickening your aging process…

Or you can think like an enlightened guru, and tell yourself that a diet change is healthy because it will help to eliminate the inflammation in your body, which will calm down your nerves, give you peace of mind, better sleep means greater cell rejuvenation, leading to more energy during the day, a happier outlook, better relationships, friends, colleagues, even your boss will love being around you, which means a greater chance of getting a raise, more money, more success, and in turn even more happiness, more service to the world, and be a bright star everywhere you go…

Ok.  Both paths started at exactly the same spot.  Both scenarios are truth-filled, realistic possibilities.  They are simply mental focus paths, not calls to physical action.  One zooms in, the other zooms out.  And because your life will follow exactly your thoughts – which is a version of the Law of Attraction, the mental path you choose will determine your future.  So where do you want to end up?  In the recesses of your body’s decline?  Or as a shining star out there lighting up the world?  These two paths go in opposite directions, and you must commit to one (sorry Libras!).

We are faced with similar dilemma every single day:  limitation and fear, or expansion and love.  This is for your free will to choose.

If you are not convinced about the latter path, and you are still reading this article (!), I suggest you give it a try for six months.  Humor me.  If you can’t do it after the six months, you are either not quite ready for the change yet, or you just need a Soul Coach like me as your guide!!  Along with all my fellow human beings, I would love to welcome you as another bright star lighting up our world!

With Lots of Love and Laughs,

KayFloating balls

Everybody is Obsessed But Me!

Fat chance.

 “Peter is obsessed with avoiding fat.  Paul is obsessed with exercising.  Mary is obsessed with doing every last chore by herself.  …  And me?  I wash my fruits three times before eating because I don’t trust where they have been.  I keep my distance with everyone who is ill because I don’t want to catch it, whatever it is.  I sanitize my hands at least ten times a day.  I think I am just being cautious.  I am very balanced!”

Have you noticed that “obsession” is a word we like to use on others, but hardly ever on ourselves?  We rationalize away our behaviors as normal.  That is because obsessive behaviors are rooted in our subconscious.  “Sub” means “below”.   So by definition, these behaviors are below our conscious awareness.  Something we cannot see clearly… or do not want to see clearly.

When we say someone else is obsessed, we mean that we see an alternative, less extreme behavior to achieving similar results.  That is a very true observation.  In this Universe, there are always different paths toward a goal.  It is up to us which path we choose to take.

When we have no negative subconscious influence, we will not be attached to the goal, we will be very relaxed, and chances are, we will get exactly what we want!  But when we have strong, unreleased, negative subconscious beliefs, we can become very irrational.  We will try to control our outer world by sheer effort, but still be overcome with unsatisfactory results, which in turn would cause us to try even harder, until eventually other people notice our out-of-proportion behaviors as “obsessed.”

In my examples above, which are all rather prevalent phenomena in our society today, the subconscious belief is powerlessness.  To imagine that we are sitting ducks to leaping viruses and lurking bacteria is a belief that they have power over us.  To think that outside forces (including fat) can control our well being is a belief that we are victims.  To exercise incessantly or to refuse help on chores, both may be symptoms of a belief that we are not good enough, and lack control over our own lives.

Rather than living in fear, we can choose more loving alternatives.  The most thorough path is something I work on with my clients:  discover your subconscious beliefs, find out where they came from and what role they play in your life, keep the positives and release the rest.

But if you are not ready to go the distance, at least try alternatives such as this:  Eliminate thoughts that disempower you, which loads chronic stress on your body; affirm loving thoughts, and take healthy actions to improve your bodies’ immune system.  Avoidance is hardly an effective methodology for living.  Bacteria, for example, is absolutely everywhere, they existed on planet Earth way before human beings did – and they never cause us grief unless our immune systems are weakened.

Within each of us is all the power we need to bring about the life we desire.  Stay loose, feel what you are called to do, and go with the flow. Happy Face parasailing

Ride through life with a smile,


Relationship With Your Body – Part II

peach snapdragons

How you treat your body is a direct reflection of how you treat your soul (your higher self, your inner self, your real self). The health of your body is an indirect reflection of how well you have listened to your soul, which is your inner guidance, and which defines your life purpose.

The biggest impact on your health is your emotions, what you put into your mouth is really secondary. However, what you put into your mouth is an indirect reflection of your emotions. Your thoughts control your attitudes and beliefs, which determine your emotions.

For example, if you have a health issue, and all evidence is there that a diet change may be beneficial, but you refuse to try. Your body then is likely suffering more from your negative emotions (fear, lack of self-esteem) than from your actual diet. So if you would like to improve your health, start by examining your attitudes and belief system. As Wayne Dyer says, “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

I had breast cancer three years ago. The moment I was diagnosed, I knew my body was under toxic stress. It didn’t take me long to learn about physical toxins, and a complete diet change which I am still adhering to today without looking back. Along with that physical journey was a subtle but far more important journey: eliminating emotional toxins.

One example was my attitude toward my body’s appearance, which in turn reflected my ingratitude toward my inner divine self. Mastectomy was a ‘God-sent’ process for this emotional awakening. I used to be very embarrassed by my small breasts …until I was about to lose one. Suddenly they didn’t seem so embarrassing anymore! But as ‘luck’ would have it, the plastic surgeons could not possibly reconstruct the one breast without doing an enhancement to the other, so I ended up with a pair of larger breasts, exactly what I had wished for decades!

There is no such thing as luck, good or bad. There is a saying that goes something like “God cannot put anything better into our full hands without taking something away first.” Abraham tells us, “Ask and it is given.” The timing of the answers to our requests is not up to us, and the form the answers take may surprise us, but trust that whatever you think of, you will get. So make sure you think only empowering thoughts! Be patient and have faith in the divine process.

I love how I look now. I used to cringe whenever someone else stood beside me in a public washroom, in front of fluorescent lighted mirrors. My complexion was dull and sickly. But now, I love everything I see! Almost every day, I say to myself in the mirror, “You are beautiful” or “I love you,” in gratitude to the divine source that gave me my remarkable life, full of pleasant surprises, synchronicities and miracles!

Wishing you miraculous transformation as well. Remember, think nurturing fruitful thoughts only!


Relationship with Your Body – Part I

What we experience in everyday life on Earth is very much reflected in what we see in the sky. This is the study of astrology. In the past few months, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Moon have taken their turns going through the constellations of Libra and Scorpio.

Libra is a sign about relating: striving for fairness, peace, harmony and beauty. Scorpio is a sign about transformation, passion for the truth: digging deep to bring judgement and resistance out into the open for release. When planets transit through these constellations, we all feel the instinctive need to deeply examine our relationships – to other people, places, things, jobs, money … and especially ourselves.

Anything not perfect in your life, this is the time to change. Whether it is improving an old relationship or starting anew, accept the past, forgive yourself, jump in to the change and move on, as difficult as it may seem. Guaranteed you will be happier on the other side!

There are many areas of our relationship to the self to look at, but basically they all point in the same direction. There is a saying, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” In this two-part blog, I will expand on one popular area: Your relationship with your body.

Do you like to hide your body, or are you proud of the gift that ‘God’ gave you? Do you consider your body merely as a vehicle for you to use and show off, or do you cherish it like your soul’s temple? Do you simply stuff “edibles” into your mouth, or do you only pick the most nutritious as an offering to the divine miracle that is your body?

Most people eat the way they learnt from their families. A person whose parents ate fast food on a regular basis would eat fast food and consider it normal. A person of Italian background would likely eat a lot of pasta and olives. A person of Chinese background would likely eat a lot of rice and soy. Etc, etc.

The question is: Are you consciously choosing this diet because it is the best for your body today? We must be very conscious that we are not living in the same world as three hundred years ago, not even thirty years ago.

People back then hardly lived past the age of fifty. Any potential long term negative effects from a particular set of foods, or way of eating, would not have been noticed. Back then, farmland supported a variety of rotating crops per year to feed just a few families. Today, the same farmland would produce the same type of crop year after year, in the name of specialization and industrialization. Such harvested foods have a depleted mineral and vitamin spectrum compared to those from years gone by. At the meantime, our lives have become far more demanding and stressful, leading to our necessity for way more nutrients than our ancestors.

Improvements in technology and transportation have brought about an abundance of food, processed to all degrees, and amazing varieties from around the world that boggle the mind. Almost all cultures have access to this new diversity, randomly adding these new foods to the traditional diet. How well does your body really like this new potpourri of foods? Do you eat from your brain or from your heart?

pair of pink petunias