Solar Eclipse – The Perfect Analogy

Credit: Khin Maung Win, AP, Myanmar Jan 15, 2010

The light of the Sun momentarily dimmed by the presence of the Moon.  In tarot, the Sun represents light, glory, success.  The Moon represents shadows, secrets, fears.

Regardless of our belief systems, we acknowledge a solar eclipse as a rare phenomenon, worthy of awe, worthy of watching, worthy of understanding.  The Moon may dim our light in mid-afternoon, but we accept it as “just the way it goes”.  It is natural, a part of the Universe, a part of us.

And so it is with our own shadows.  They are natural, a part of God, a part of Source, a part of the perfect us!  The key is not to let them eclipse our lives continuously.

Accept, understand, release, marvel.  Let go of your desire to seek and destroy.  Release not your shadow as much as your perception that the shadow is pure evil.  Accept it as part of your perfection spectrum, that keeps the balance within you.  Understand that it was divinely designed to propel you to a higher level.  Then choose to learn about the higher level, and be the higher level.  And when the shadow re-emerges, watch with detachment.  Think of one thing you have learned from this shadow.  Know that this is only a temporary eclipse.  Notice how these eclipses are becoming rarer in your life.  Admire how far you have come.  Smile.

You too are a phenomenon, worthy of awe.  Watch your own life cycles in fascination.  Marvel at the miracle that is you.

Enjoy your solar eclipses,



Blackout with a Purpose?

So far so good.  Glad to report that I have no negative aftereffects from my unplanned adventure a week ago, including my mysterious blackout.  In fact, it seems I have a bit more capacity to handle multiple inspirations simultaneously now.  I am not saying that I have suddenly become a good multi-tasker, only saying that it seems I can download information into different tasks now, instead of having to finish one item properly before starting another.  Believe me, I am happy for such a skill.  Maybe the blackout was a pre-arranged part of my path toward my life mission!

My radio show this week is titled ‘The Power of Knowing Your Life Mission’.  Life Mission is a foundation to wellness.  This is a very important topic for everyone.  The connection is not entirely obvious.  When we understand each of us came to Earth with a purpose, that the universe is always with us, moving us in the direction of our mission, then the human deep-seated subconscious feeling of “abandonment from God” can be relaxed.  Purposefulness and relaxation contribute to peace, joy, love, harmony and good health.

I hope you will join me, let me know what you think.  Thursday, May 10, at 10:00am Pacific.  You can also check out the story of my adventure in last week’s show ‘Do You Really Choose’.



Encounter with my Shadow

Dancer Pose

“You are on the air in 5 seconds, 4-3-2-1”… And so my journey as a radio show host has begun.

It has been an interesting two weeks, to say the least.  No matter how much preparation, there is always something unexpected.  Right off the starting line, the music file did not play automatically as I had set.  And so my already chattering nerves frayed.  Then I had to introduce myself.  Sigh.  Giving my life story to the public brought out all vestiges of self-esteem issues from the depths of my being, grinning at me like a bright red beacon I could not stand.  “Your life is hardly worth telling.  No one is interested.  You are talking too much…”  My nerves got worse.   The studio buttons have a delayed reaction I never noticed before.   My producer thought I spoke before the mute engaged, disrupting the music.  My sound was off by a magnitude, way too soft and staticky.  And after what seemed an eternity, the debut show was over.

An hour later, I was brave enough to listen to the replay.  I had to, to write down what all went wrong technically.  It was a cringing moment.  But actually, I was not as bad as I thought.  The next day, I had to listen again, to check the editing.  Lo and behold, I thought I was quite decent.  In fact, I even thought I might be worth listening to!  Exactly what changed in 24 hours?  My perception.  My blood pressure.  This is why detectives take eye witness accounts with a grain of salt.

The second show came and went with a different test.  No longer superficial nerves and technology. Way deeper.  Like the Eagle Pose, I can stand on one leg in a yoga studio no problem, but can I do it alone on stage in front of a room full of experienced yoga practitioners?   And then I began to think that maybe I should have attempted the more difficult Lord of the Dance Pose instead.  Doubting myself again.  Where is my center?  My radio show content is channeled from Quan Yin.  It is not for me to decide what is right and what is not!  There is no room for my ego here.  Sigh.  I quiver with anticipation of further encounters with my own shadow.

Incidentally, shadow is the topic of my show this week.  Survival consciousness, choice.  If you feel inclined to tune in, I would be honored with your virtual presence, live on Thursday at 10am Pacific:, archive listen at anytime.

Thanks for your compassion,


5 Days To Go

Only 5 days until the debut of my first radio show!  I was reminded by the prominent milestone countdown widget on my Blog/News site.

Right now, I am going through feelings reminiscent of childhood.  Like counting down to the first day of school after a long summer off.  This is a new commitment to a regular routine, which I have not experienced for decades.  No more taking off whenever I wish, or doing things only when I feel I am inspired.  The clock ticks, I must come up with weekly topics, and enough material to interest and inspire my wonderful audience.  It’s like homework.  Am I up for it?  The anxiety of entering a higher grade level.  What challenges will I encounter this year?  Will I be good enough?  But then, the excitement of meeting new friends, like-minded souls make me smile.  Immerse in meaningful conversations, new inspiration, new possibilities!  Together we will grow.  Together we will seek out the unknown.  That is the reason why I am doing this radio show!

At the meantime, back to the preparations.  Are my school supplies all set to go?  Have I figured out the settings for my microphone?   Is there more I need to know about the internet studio?   Is my room sound-deadening enough?  Will the furniture be comfortable?  Are my audio files ready?  Is my script meaningful?

When the moment arrives, I will bank on divine guidance – just hope I will be relaxed enough to let it through!  Qué sera sera, whatever will be will be… Who I am is enough.

Please come join me for my first episode “Expect A Miracle”!  This Thursday, April 19 at 10:00am PST:

Call in!  Let us discover together!


Clarity from another Retrograde Moment

I feel so insanely blessed that I wish to share my gratitude story with you.  The last three days have been a roller coaster ride for me.  Because I calmly let go and accepted the ride downward, I ended up at heights greater than I ever planned!

I have been preparing for the debut of my new internet radio show “Superintelligence Wellness”.  Since I wrote my last blog four weeks ago, my work had progressed ultra fast and ultra smoothly.  Suddenly, with three weeks to go, my would-be production assistant pulled out for personal reasons.  If this had happened even two weeks earlier, I may have called off the entire show!  As it was, I had time enough to learn the various aspects of hosting a show, including operating the studio, and I had time already to write the scripts for my opening shows.  Everything felt under control enough that the surprise news hit as a mere hiccup.

The show must go on.  The worst case scenario would be that I host and produce the show by myself.  Not much fun, not very professional, but I feel comfortable enough to know that it can be done.  Remembering that the universe wanted me to create this radio show in the first place, I therefore trust it will also take care of whatever challenges that may pop up along the way.  All I have to do is act according to guidance.

Within minutes I was writing an email to inquire about the possibility of shifting to another platform for my show, one that included a producer.  Within two hours I made my previously arranged call to a friend, who suggested another mutual friend to contact for help.  Within one day I got an enthusiastic response from the friend to join me in this effort.  Within two days I had explored both avenues and came to complete clarity.

When one door closes, another door opens.  In my case, one door closed and two doors opened.  Both would push me to greater heights, in their own ways.  And with the options, I was suddenly given the opportunity to feel clearly where I am truly aiming.  This is not about survival then.  This is about understanding my Soul’s desires.  Just because I can does not mean I must do.  I had already held a greater plan for the future of my work.  With this hiccup, I have sharpened my focus.  Now I can actually feel how good that plan was.

And so I have made a decision.  I am sticking to my original platform, now with an exciting new partner.  When you join me on my radio show, I will introduce to you this wonderful being who saved the day for me.  Thank you , Lynn!

Another cool sign.  I feel there are a few “coincidences” pointing to Lynn as the right partner for me.  But this one deserves a mention.  I woke up yesterday morning with a very blood shot outer side of my left eye.  Almost like a blood vessel had burst, while nothing in the rest of the eyes.  Never had this before.  Last night we happened to be on Skype together, and so reacquainted ourselves with each other – only the second time we ever talked.  She began the conversation with an apology for her puffy left eye.  “You are not serious!”  I exclaimed.  I told her about my eye, we both peered into the webcam and she shrieked.   We have the red in exactly the same outer side of our left eyes only!  Ok, I can chalk mine up to stress, but what about her?  We live thousands of miles apart, in different countries – no, we did not infect each other.

The universe talks to us in interesting ways.  And everything is meant for our greater good.  This is the beauty of the retrograde energies (now not only Mars, but Mercury and Saturn too).  Anything that is not perfect will rear its ugly head.  How we perceive and handle the challenge is up to us.

Let this be the formal announcement of my new radio show.  It will debut on Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 10am PST.  I have yet to schedule the episodes, but this is a sneak peek to my show page:

With gratitude to the universe, including you all,


Anyone Else Feeling the Mars Retrograde?

Pushing through molasses looking for a dropped chocolate chip, while the rest of tonight’s party foods wait to be prepared.  That’s the energy I feel drowned in right now.  It’s called Mars Retrograde!

I worked extremely hard for two months over Christmas, then went away for more than two weeks, deliberately out of wi-fi range.   The innocent me thought I could come home, jump right back in to my ambitious work plan and continue on.  Well, the Universe had other ideas.

I have been home for three weeks now.  No desire to even touch the original work plan.  A little side job for my mother ended up being done three times over.  The finish line just in sight and I came down with a stomach flu.  I have not gotten real sick like this for 4 ½ years now, since I had breast cancer.  I had totally forgotten what a drag it feels to be sick!   Four days later, still feeling very low energy and no appetite this morning, I decided to pull some oracle cards about the condition.

I chose Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom healing card deck.  Lo and behold, it told me that after a period of exhaustive mental work, a period of passive reflection is in order, let the information I had gathered to gestate; breakthrough ideas come during times of mental relaxation or even despair…  Wow!  This is not my interpretation of the card, this is the actual printed explanation!  Did someone tell the deck what I had been doing?  I actually pulled a configuration of four cards.  I am not going to bore you with the other three, but they were exactly accurate to the word as well.  Psychic interpretation not needed here.

The accuracy of the card reading was eerie.  How can anyone not believe that everything is one in this Universe?  That answers to our problems are always out there ready for us?  That our lives are divinely planned?

Card readings are not new to me.  But is it because Neptune went into Pisces for fourteen years as of Feb 3, that suddenly I feel more at one with this mystic art?  Everyone on planet Earth is becoming more psychic now than ever (Neptune was last in Pisces 160 years ago), which I believe will move the world to a kinder, gentler place.

And back to the Mars retrograde.  It happens about every two years.  It affects everyone, but especially stronger Mars persons (e.g. your Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Aries or Scorpio).  Mars is aggressive life force, when it goes backward the energy makes us look inward for reassessment.  Like what my oracle card advised of me.  If you follow your internal calling and make adjustments, at the end of the retrograde your life improves inevitably.  The area of your life this current retrograde affects depends on your own astrological house placements.  Through the years, each retrograde moves around your chart (your life) systematically.  If this retrograde also happens over your own natal Mars position, your life is sure to take on a whole new, better direction when Mars moves forward again.

So forget those ambitious plans for now, you will only run into challenges.  Everyone on the entire planet is pushing through molasses, it’s not just me, nor you.  There is nothing that cannot wait.  Relax.  Take a few bubble baths and let the insights flow.  Then analyze, strategize, clean house.  Wait till mid April before considering new leaps.  It will be June before the energies totally return to normal.

And because of this, I am postponing my new radio show “Superintelligence Wellness” till at least the end of April.  I knew about the Mars retrograde when I called it in December, but it wasn’t retrograding yet back then, I thought I would be invincible.  Talk about ego!  I am humbled.  My stomach reminds me.

Well, judging by what good came out of Mars retrogrades in the past for myself, I am looking forward to the new me in a couple months.  Hope you have a great new you to look forward to too!


2012 – A Year for Illumination

Water light pattern

It has been two months since I last posted here.  There was the holiday season in between, but the gap was mostly because I spent all my writing time on pages and codes for my new website instead. 

Superintelligence Wellness is a new dedication for me.  I have finally arrived at the door of my life mission.   It is like I have finally graduated from the school of life training, and ready to fill a job position with the Universe, to serve The World.  It has taken me over fifty years.  Astrologers say Capricorns (Sun, Moon or Rising signs) are late bloomers.  That would be me!  I am not complaining though.  I am totally enjoying the adventurous ride right now.  Every week is a new thrill.  And I have fifty years of experience to know to cherish every moment of these thrills, for the joyride does not last forever.   There are cycles to everything in nature.

CA Brooks had a radio show about 2012 on 12Radio last week.  The numerology of 2012 is 5, which in tarot refers to the year of the Hierophant.  Hierophant represents illumination, wisdom and knowledge.  So this is the year to illuminate ourselves:  dig inside to find the sage within, gain insights from empowering sources without. 

Very interesting.  Superintelligence Wellness is exactly about that.  Raising vibrations is increasing in frequencies, which is moving toward white light.  Adding light to oneself is illumination, enlightenment.  And then one gains further illumination through advice from coaches, advisors, courses, shows and books.  The result is stepping out of outdated moulds, and moving toward a more peaceful and joyous life, in harmony with the divine plan. 

I like that.  I have plans for many new adventures this year.  With every adventure comes potential challenges, which are opportunities to illuminate myself further.  I hope they are easy challenges though.  I want to ease into my new position in the Universe gently.  I want to get the hang of the coffee break routine first.

Wishing you illumination in this last year on the Mayan calendar,