Quilt Gallery

I love visual art, and I love texture.  I love beautiful fabrics, and I love sewing.  I never formally took an art course, but every day I have lived with my eyes opened, I have learned what colors, shapes and proportions are  harmonious in nature.  Creation is a fundamental desire in all human beings.  The question often is whether we feel our environment is safe enough for us to play, to let it out, expose our inner self.  Ahh, what risk it may carry — will we be mocked, laughed at, frowned upon, or do we care?!  This is a big facet of ourselves each of us has to examine… which leads us into the understanding of own subconscious.

For me, I was in ecstasy when I started creating these quilts, because I was finally able to communicate with the outside world in a deep way, but a fairly passive way.  Everyone sees something different through his own experiences.  There is no right or wrong.  I just hope you enjoy them.


What do you think?

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